Following the traces of history of Polish Slovakian border cities
of Nowy Targ and Kieżmark


The project is co - funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and by the state budget in frame of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Republic of Poland – Slovak Republic 2007-2013

Value of the project: 31 715,00 € / EFRR: 26 957,75 €|
National co-financing from the state budget: 3 171,50 €
The own contribution: 1585,75 €

Cities of New Market and Kieżmark marked the history of the region.
For centuries were specific centers.
New Market was the administrative center, commercial and cultural center of the region for hundreds of years. Similarly Kieżmark with its well-developed crafts, trade and draper`s production Both cities were filled with magnificent buildings, churches, synagogues and buildings associated with the industry and trade. In both cities crafts evolved and artisans were presenting their products at the fair. There were also many shops ond services run by the Jews, which accounted for a substantial proportion of the population of these two cities.

Today, when some of these buildings, ceased to exist or have changed their destiny, leaving only traces of evidence of the history of people and places, in the form of documents, written and oral communications, photographs and old newspapers, posters and advertisements. Unfortunately, traces of history are extremely volatile, and its image is closed in books and archives.

On the one hand, one must to protect the traces of history from oblivion and destruction, on the other hand we should try to make them available today in the possibly interesting form. The project of Municipal Cultural Center and Museum Kieżmark entitled "Following the traces of history of Polish Slovakian border cities of Nowy Targ and Kieżmark" implies and allow to visit Nowy Targ and Kieżmark with audioguides visiting interesting places Audio guides will be developed according to the available source materials and available in three languages. It will allow to borderland residents get to know mutually their history. Audioguides will be also available for visitors of our region.

  However, to create a multimedia presentation based on the available archival material will reconstruct the history of the town of Nowy Targ and buildings that no longer exist and thus make it easier for both residents and visitors a better understanding of history. Visualization is possible by modern technology of animation and modeling in 3D space . The presentation will be available at the museum building.

Objectives of the project:

- Deepening and dissemination of knowledge about the history of the Polish border cities
- Slovak Nowy Targ and Kieżmark and presenting it in an attractive and mainstream form|
- mutual promotion of history and historical towns - Nowy Targ and Kieżmark
- continue cooperation between the Municipal Cultural Center in Nowy Targ and Museum of Kieżmark.

The activities planned under the project:

The project, entitled Following the traces of history of Polish Slovakian border cities of Nowy Targ and Kieżmark" includes a number of research activities, education and dissemination, which the partners have chosen to implement as the ones that work best in achieving the objectives.

- Gathering archival materials which are necessary to develop audio tours and multimedia presentations.
Some of the materials will be made available from its own collections, while some acquired from the outside on a paid license, rent or copy. These materials will also be used in the final stage of the organization of the exhibition covering the history of Nowy Targ and Kieżmark including threads connecting both cities.

- Audio guides. Development of substantive routes and locations of the routes, translating them into two languages and recording audio guides. Audio guides Will be to downloaded from website or distributet on CD.

- Website. The website will be created not only as a place on which audio guides will be available but also to promote the project.

- Multimedia presentation - suitable for playback on a TV and interactive version supported by computer,
available on CD-ROM with audio guide files (mp3). It will be prepared based on the available archival material and will take into account the historical background of the New Market and Kieżmark. Presentation in two languages (Polish and Slovak)

- Exhibition. Will be prepared together with presentations and audioguidesa and it will be about the history of the city of Nowy Targ and Kieżmark. The materials for exhibition will be taken from collections of the museums, which will first be developed (scans, processing, printing of necessary materials) and the material obtained from the query, shared with other institutions. The exhibition will be preceded by printing promotional materials - invitations, posters, flyers and folder